The Lovemark

The Lovemark is the world’s first collective art project

inspired by and dedicated to love

The Lovemark - A global collective art project dedicated to love

How it works

  • The Lovemark, as seen above, is an actual architectural structure that will be constructed out of 10,000 love cubes
  • Each love cube is contributed by a person like you.
  • You can reserve your love cube and become a Lovemark founder by signing up
  • The Lovemark will be built once we reach 10,000 founders!

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love cubes remaining

Inscribed Love Cubes

Your love cube will have your own personal love message inscribed on it.

The Lovemark


The design has been created by European and US architects. It is based on two discrete characteristics: the robustness of a cube shaped landmark and the softness of a carved-out heart.

  • The Lovemark stands out among art projects as it is inspired by love. A true lovemark landmark.

The Love Cube


The love cube is the structure’s actual building block. Top quality materials will be selected to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range in order to withstand the elements.

  • You will be able to personalize your love cube and makes this and leave your own lovemark.

The Location


Cities all over the world will apply to host The Lovemark. We will leave the desicion up to you and actively involve you in the process. We will soon be launching The Lovemark Host City Campaign!

  • The Lovemark’s final location will be indicated and decided by the Lovemark founders.

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The Lovemark - a global collective love project


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This is the video from our last crowdfunding campaign

describing the original idea behind the project!

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The Team

An extraordinary group of people from all over the world
The Lovemark team

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