The Lovemark

The Lovemark is the first global collective art project

inspired by and dedicated to love

The Lovemark - A global collective art project dedicated to love

The Lovemark


  • The design has been created by European and US architects.
  • It embodies the robustness of a cube shaped landmark and the softness of a carved-out heart.
  • The Lovemark stands out among art projects as it is inspired by love. A true love landmark.

The Love Cube


  • You will personalize your love cube with an inscription.
  • Your love cube will become the structure’s actual building block.
  • At the end you will receive your own love cube in the mail, to remind you that you were part of something great!

The Journey


  • Cities all over the world will apply to host The Lovemark.
  • The host city will have The Lovemark for 12 months.
  • It all ends with a bang at The Lovemark’s closing event, where the structure will decompose to its elements, the love cubes!

Inscribed Love Cubes

Your love cube will have your own personal love message inscribed on it.

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How It Works

Here’s what you need to know about the Lovemark

What is the Lovemark?

The Lovemark is the world’s first crowdfunded monument of Love, an actual architectural structure made out of thousands of love cubes (the actual building blocks of the monument), where each one will represent a lovemark founder. Each love cube can have a personal message of love inscribed on it – to express your feelings to the ones you love!

Get your love cube and leave your lovemark in history!

Because you only get one chance to be part of something that happens for the first time ever!

Why is it happening?

The inspiration behind The Lovemark is… find out soon!

When will the Lovemark be built?

The Lovemark will be built after 10,000 people express interest to crowdfund their own love cube.

Where is it going to be built?

We’ll invite major cities around the world to host The Lovemark and we will all get to decide its final location. You’ll be surprised by our preliminary discussions with cities. More to come…

Who is behind this?

This is a grass roots project by people from all over the world!

Does it cost anything?

Once we get the community together, we will crowdfund it! Each person will finance the cost of his/her own cube. The Lovemark core team will handle all the administrative processes.

Is there a good cause associated with it?

We’ll direct any sponsor funds to good causes linked with the project.

Will you seek sponsors?

Yes! But solely to support good causes. If you are a sponsor please get in contact with us.

Is this the first attempt to build The Lovemark?

No, we ran a crowdfunding campaign back in 2014, to help us get off the ground. You can see more details here.

What if I have more questions?

Please drop us a line and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Leave your personal Lovemark on the first global collective art project

The Team

An extraordinary group of people from all over the world
The Lovemark team

Request Invite

Request an invite to become a Lovemark founder!

Particiipation in the Lovemark is currently by invitation only. However, we are keen to extend some invitations to people who share our vision and values.
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